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Lilly to play futuristic tabloid reporter in film

She is appointed Unicef's Goodwill Ambassador.

published on : 15th July 2017

Eye camp records seized after botched surgeries make workers blind

The daily wage workers alleged that the eye camp for free cataract surgery left them blind

published on : 6th July 2017

18,760 dengue cases reported in India; Kerala ranks highest 

The number of dengue cases have risen with the onset of monsoons and Kerala and Tamil Nadu are on top of the list of the number of people affected. 

published on : 4th July 2017

US Senate healthcare reform bill would leave 22 million without coverage

The forecast is that 22 or 23 million people would lose health care coverage, although they presently enjoy that coverage under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare.

published on : 27th June 2017

UN says India's population might surpass China's in about seven years

The report by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs' Population Division forecasts that the current world population of nearly 7.6 billion will increase to 8.6 billion by 2030.

published on : 22nd June 2017

Carrie Fisher had cocaine, heroin in her system when she died

According to the full autopsy report, Fisher had traces of an anti-depressant and antihistamine in her system.

published on : 20th June 2017

Upa Lokayukta finds misuse of Rs 22 crore fodder fund in Tumakuru

Funds meant for goshalas (cattle shelters) and supply of fodder and water for cattle were misused in drought-hit taluks of Tumakuru district

published on : 17th June 2017

Telangana's GSDP grows by 10%

Minister for Industries and Commerce K.T. Rama Rao said the state achieved impressive growth of three per cent above the national average.

published on : 12th June 2017

Bar bribery row: kerala Government to file final report soon

The state government on Wednesday informed the Kerala High Court it will soon file the final report in the bar bribery case involving former Finance Minister K M Mani.

published on : 8th June 2017

Who's happy, who's not: Norway tops list, US falls

Norway vaulted to the top slot in the World Happiness Report despite the plummeting price of oil, a key part of its economy.

published on : 20th March 2017

Jio customers to remain loyal even with paid services: Bernstein Report

The report also stated that most of the 2G/3G users in the sample test expect to upgrade to 4G within the next year, and 80 per cent say they will consider Jio when they do.

published on : 18th March 2017

Report on KV sexual abuse case soon

Complaints raised against principal earlier too; 25 students, teachers give statements

published on : 18th March 2017

No official report on deaths due to demonetisation: Government

The Minister of State for Finance was responding to a query on the total number of people who died during the demonetisation period.

published on : 17th March 2017

Kerala Chief Minister votes to shield people's interests before electing to protect forests 

The CM was responding to a demand by Congress leader P T Thomas for a general debate on a report by WGEEP headed by Madhav Gadgil.

published on : 14th March 2017

Toshiba misses Q3 deadline; considers strategic options for Westinghouse

Toshiba gained a one month extension as its expands a probe into problems at its U.S. nuclear unit Westinghouse.

published on : 14th March 2017
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