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US, India going to be substantially closer: American official

 The meeting between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi has sent a clear message around the world that ties bewteen the two countries are going to be "substantially closer".

published on : 28th June 2017

President Trump's job approval drops to 37%: Poll

The approval ratings came as FBI Director Comey on Monday told lawmakers that there was no evidence for the President's unverified claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election. 

published on : 21st March 2017

We should not have left: President Trump on fight with ISIS in Iraq

The US President has questioned the decision of his predecessors to first send the American troops to Iraq and then withdraw them.

published on : 21st March 2017

G20 ministers fail to get US on board for trade, climate change

Finance ministers from the world's biggest economies on Saturday dropped an anti-protectionist pledge and a vow on action against climate change, after Washington refused to sign up to the commitment.

published on : 18th March 2017

UN warns against 'abrupt funding cuts' stemming from upcoming US budget proposals

The United Nations on Thursday warned that its operations could suffer if the United States were to slash funding to the world body as called for in President Donald Trump's first budget proposal.

published on : 16th March 2017

President Trump ready for legal fight after travel ban blocked again

The Republican leader vowed to fight the "terrible" decision, to the Supreme Court if necessary, describing it as "unprecedented judicial overreach."

published on : 16th March 2017

Indian-born Attorney Bharara, White House give conflicting explanations for call from President Trump

The Trump administration had fired Bharara as he had not tendered his resignation as demanded of him and 45 other US attorneys appointed by President Barack Obama.

published on : 13th March 2017

Trump to push Pentagon upgrade aboard US aircraft carrier

During his trip there, Trump was joined aboard Air Force One by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

published on : 3rd March 2017

Next up in the Senate: Ben Carson, slated for HUD vote

Trump lauded his nominee last week, calling him a "totally brilliant neurosurgeon" who has saved many lives.

published on : 2nd March 2017

Trump offers mixed messages on immigration

Trump said he believes that "real and positive immigration reform is possible" and called on Republicans and Democrats to "work together.

published on : 1st March 2017

Trump looks to reboot in first address to Congress

He is expected to tout his willingness to tear up trade deals that he says are bad for American workers.

published on : 28th February 2017

Trump says he won't attend White House Correspondent's Dinner

US President Donald Trump has said that he would not attend the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner, in a break from tradition.

published on : 26th February 2017

US Customs agency to award Mexico border wall contracts by April

The price tag for the border wall will depend largely on the height, materials and other specifications that have not yet been defined, sources said.

published on : 25th February 2017

Caitlyn Jenner calls Trump transgender restroom policy 'a disaster'

The TV personality says, "From one Republican to another, this is a disaster."

published on : 24th February 2017

Mexicans form human wall along US border to protest President Trump's plans

The protest, organised by local authorities and Mexican advocacy groups, brought together people armed with flowers, including politicians, social leaders and crowds of students to the border.

published on : 18th February 2017
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