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Karnataka to file its objections against Kasturirangan report

Expressing displeasure at the Centre for issuing a notification for the implementation of the Kasturirangan report while ignoring its concerns, the Karnataka government is again set to file objections

published on : 7th March 2017

Kasturirangan report: Kerala to approach Centre

Kerala government has written to the Centre to exclude 886.7 sq km "non-forest land" from the area demarcated as Ecologically Fragile Land under Kasturirangan report.

published on : 28th February 2017

Government to approach Centre on populated area of ESA

Government should be allowed to manage the populated portions within the regions notified as ecologically sensitive area in the Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats, says Pinarayi Vijayan.

published on : 23rd February 2017
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