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There are two different Harry Potters, reveals Rowling

When it comes to Harry's name, Rowling has now revealed the existence of a second Harry Potter who was never mentioned in the books.

published on : 24th June 2017

J K Rowling asked to take in refugees in her 18 spare rooms

The petition first details Rowling's continued advocacy for open borders and allowing refugees into Europe and then alleges her and other rich elites to be 'disconnected from the ugly reality.'

published on : 19th February 2017

Trump’s press meet the ‘scariest thing’ ever seen: J K Rowling

Until an hour ago, the scariest thing I'd ever watched was Psycho, the author stated.

published on : 17th February 2017

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review

: This Potter spinoff is fantastic and you know where to find it

published on : 18th November 2016

Trump is a sexual predator, says Salman Rushdie

The Indian born-author asks America to focus on choosing its next president, saying the spotlight should be on how Trump behaves, and not on some emails that Clinton didn't send.

published on : 5th November 2016