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Syrian president Assad to visit North Korea ahead of Trump-Kim summit

Kim Jong-Un is yet to host a foreign leader in Pyongyang. So, if Assad lands in the Korean capital, it would be a first.

published on : 6th June 2018

U.S. threatens Syria, says Assad is planning chemical weapons attack

The White House warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday that he and his military would pay a heavy price if it conducted a chemical weapons attack.

published on : 27th June 2017

Where does Syria's opposition stand ahead of new talks?

Syrian opposition figures will return for new UN-sponsored talks with President Bashar al-Assad's regime on their six-year conflict.

published on : 21st February 2017

Syrian army advances against IS in Aleppo

Since December, Turkey-backed rebel fighters known as the Euphrates Shield alliance have edged towards Al-Bab from the north.

published on : 2nd February 2017

Syria's Assad says Astana talks will focus on ceasefire

"This will be to protect people's lives and allow humanitarian aid to reach various areas in Syria," he said.

published on : 19th January 2017

Turkey, Russia plan Syria ceasefire before New Year: Officials

Although Moscow and Ankara are on opposite sides in the civil war, with Russia supporting Assad and Turkey calling for him to go, they have begun to work closely on Syria.

published on : 29th December 2016

Hundreds leave Aleppo under rebel withdrawal deal

The rebel withdrawal began a month to the day after President Bashar al-Assad's forces launched a new offensive to recapture Aleppo

published on : 15th December 2016

Aleppo evacuation to begin after new ceasefire deal

The rebel withdrawal will pave the way for President Bashar al-Assad's forces to reclaim complete control of Syria's second city.

published on : 15th December 2016

Bashar al-Assad insists Syrian forces 'to clean' Aleppo of rebels

Assad said recently that the Syrian government has no option but to press on with its offensive.

published on : 15th October 2016