Shadowy Attacks On Govt Info Infrastructure

The Ministry of Home Affairs has warned against the intense digital war by non-state actors against Indian information infrastructure that aims to compromise and steal sensitive data.

16 Jun 2017

No MP Formula To Tide Over Agrarian Crisis?

The Government seems to caught off gaurd just before it was coming up with solutions to end agrarian crisis.

15 Jun 2017

Until Mandsaur, PMO besotted by MP’s farm policies

The Centre was avidly considering recommendations made by a think tank based on the Madhya Pradesh model

15 Jun 2017

Kurukshetra 2019: Government to spell out modishastra

After the BJP’s resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is shaping a new approach for the remaining two years of his present term.

19 Mar 2017

After Poll Wins,Centre's focus now on creating more jobs for unemployed youth

The government has also initiated the move to capture data on direct and indirect employment on a regular basis to improve policy making.

15 Mar 2017

Indian youth's romance with IS: Threat to east is real

Gullible Indian youth sitting on ideological fences are being enticed by online propaganda

12 Mar 2017

The Great Gambler, Narendra Modi, ends BJP’s 15 years of Vanvas

The electoral gains sent a clear message that the party with PM Modi at Raisina Hills has moved beyond Vajpayee government’s performance in 2002.

11 Mar 2017

Government braces for Opposition offensive, prepares ammunition on 26 burning issues

According to sources the concerned departments have been told to work on a detailed response, in case opposition demands a discussion.

08 Mar 2017

Suddenly, there’s Trump:  Travel ban douses refugee hopes

Abu waited for 13 years in India as a refugee with his mother and four siblings to go to the US.

07 Mar 2017

Privacy bill held up due to intel agency reservations

The note accessed by New Indian Express shows the proposed law has been hanging fire since 2015 when the last discussion was held on March 19 of that year at North block. 

07 Mar 2017

Policy paralysis? Privacy and false claims laws caught in the crossfire

The law, which aims to provide protection against snooping on individuals through unlawful and unauthorized interception, was first drafted during UPA regime in May 2011.

06 Mar 2017

Lens on 5,000 co-op societies for turning black into white

As many as 5,000 co-operative societies in the national capital have come under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Ind) as the epicentres for converting bl

05 Mar 2017

Congress' 'Untold Stories of Demonetisation' to expose Modi government

Congress’s high-powered seminar will focus on difficulties faced by the poor in the hinterland, job cuts, impact on artisan, farmers, trade.

28 Feb 2017

Exclusive: Pellet guns tweak is a lie, Express exposes CRPF claims

Express investigation exposes the false promises of controlled use and less injuries through pellet guns by the security force.

28 Feb 2017

Modi Plays Robin Hood with audacious land giveaways

After demonetization, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s next audacious plan is to give away land to 300 million landless Indians by 2018.

26 Feb 2017