Sudhir Srinivasan

Peechaankai - A pointedly mediocre comedy

The protagonist of Peechaankai either grabs another character’s, wing wang in a fight scene, or somehow manages to make sure that his opponent gets a pointed stick wedged in his posterior.

16 Jun 2017

Numbed by numbers

As you lazily scroll through the cinema feeds, you come across numbers-box office collections, the YouTube view counts of trailers, screen counts-and you’re often told they are terrifi c achievements

20 Mar 2017

A warm, lavish, and worthy retelling of a fable

What can you do when you choose to retell a story as old as time, even if you’re making a live-action version of it? 

18 Mar 2017

Beauty and the Beast: A warm, lavish, and worthy retelling of an old tale

The story is uncomplicated. It’s the heard-and-heard-again tale of the pretty girl from the village, cheekily named Belle.

17 Mar 2017

An entertaining film, low on emotional beats

There’s a memorable shot at the beginning of Kong: Skull Island that summarises it perfectly.

11 Mar 2017

'Kong: Skull Island' Review:  An entertaining King Kong film low on emotional beats

The big ape is back, this time with a rollicking Vietnam War backdrop and the Creedence Clearwater-thumping soundtrack to match.

10 Mar 2017

When alphabets play number games

When you have made for yourself a career writing about cinema, you are always trying to keep up with the goings-on in the industry.

06 Mar 2017

Logan  Review: A gritty, deserved farewell to a beloved character

Featuring Hugh Jackman's final turn as Wolverine, "Logan" isn't a shiny, colorful, superhero-style film, either.

04 Mar 2017

Gritty, deserved farewell to a dear wolverine

A young female mutant, utterly unfamiliar with the ways of society, walks into a store, and picks up objects that catch her fancy. She begins munching on a bag of chips, and begins walking out, as the store owner confronts her. Upon hearing the commotion, her guardian, Logan, walks in.

04 Mar 2017

Then and now: Rajinikanth's blockbuster Baasha to be re-released today

As the biggest film of Rajinikanth’s career releases today, we look back on what the star was, 11 years ago.

03 Mar 2017

Split review: Popcorn entertainment doesn’t fully live up to potential

The title of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest horror-thriller film is a dead giveaway, pun intended.

24 Feb 2017

Oscar awards 2017: Unlike last one, diverse nominations this year

This year’s Academy Awards make up for an alleged lack of diversity.

24 Feb 2017

Why we love Baashha

The film is releasing on March 3.

20 Feb 2017

Moonlight Review: A contemplative tale with subtle, powerful messages

Moonlight is a heavy decoction of gender stereotypes, identity crisis, nature and nurture, and yet, it miraculously feels as light as a feather, as fragile as a dream.

17 Feb 2017

Hidden Figures Review: Heartwarming, necessary cinema

Hidden Figures promote the contributions of unsung heroes, as much as as they serve as timely reminders for us to consider the consequences of our actions, and more importantly, their cause.

17 Feb 2017