Sudarshan Purohit

Unforgettable saga of a bandit king

The account narrates the story of a dreaded brigand and  the over two-decade old chase that finally led to his capture in his own area.

10 Mar 2017

Love in the time of war and music

Set in Calcutta during the Second World War, the book deliberately uses unresolved elements and unexplained history to make the story realistic

11 Feb 2017

Tracing back the forgotten roots

The book chronicles a port town in Kerala told through the protagonist, who rediscovers his hometown on an excavation trip.

21 Jan 2017

Forlorn existence of a lost soul

An emotionally-loaded narrative of the protagonist falling to his death

07 Jan 2017

Man on a mission

Launching a satellite into space on a rocket, to solve mankind’s problems. Not too long ago, this was the reserve of science fiction.

17 Dec 2016

Chronicle of a downfall

Abdullah Hussein’s work is the narrative of a period that changed the world

17 Sep 2016