Shilpi Madan

The jackfruit returns

In his new menu at his restaurant Out of the Blue in Mumbai, Conrad is perfecting his grilled fish served with a side salad.

10 Mar 2017

A dash of healthy pink

Holistic, wholesome, and unaltered, Himalayan salt is in vogue, having elbowed aside the milky white sodium chloride.

04 Mar 2017

Berry berry nice

Make merry with the delicious goodness of berries in a dizzying spread of gourmet gospels

11 Feb 2017

Fortylicious! 40 is the new 20

Foxed with growing flab and dipping energy at 40? Take a chill pill and focus on yourself in all the right ways and make a new beginning

07 Jan 2017

Bring home the drama

New year calls for new beginnings. And they say, charity begins at home. In this case, change should begin from your love nest.

07 Jan 2017

The veggie verve

Five leading chefs talk about vegetables they discovered recently and how they use them

08 Oct 2016

Do the karipatta twist

The humble curry leaf is undergoing a smacking makeover as a zingy inclusion in cocktails

10 Sep 2016