Roshne B

All strings attached

Meet Meagan Pandian, a harpist,who travels throughout the country by road to create more awareness about the instrument in India

18 Mar 2017

How do you catch some zzzzs?

It’s World Sleep day on March 17, and CE  finds that sleep disorders are common among millennials.

17 Mar 2017

Reels that play real issues

Meet three directors, whose movies talk about love, struggle and the society. All they want to do is to break social barriers and give the audiences something new

17 Mar 2017

Short takes of the law on reels

Roshne B speaks to filmmakers Prabhu Jeyaram and Nattu Dev, who were among the top five finalists selected to showcase their 3-minute short films in a contest organised by Moviebuff First Clap

15 Mar 2017

Fast and furious with Arunas Gibieza

The two-time European champion enthralled adrenaline junkies with his bike stunts

14 Mar 2017

Weaving tradition of Tamil Nadu

Ace-shooter Sandhya Winfred, who represents the national team, recently received the ‘Inspire and women awards 2017’ A decade in the sport, this 21-year-old has won 19 medals, 24 silver, and 24

12 Mar 2017

She moonlights as an artist

A  product designer by day, an artist by night and a ‘maker for life’, Chennai-based Srividya Sriram, has been hooked to art and design from a young age. 

11 Mar 2017

To illustrate a point...

Shruthi Venkatesh and Ruchi Jain have different way of expressing themselves, and it shows vivdly in their art works

11 Mar 2017

He can unlock your password

Meet mentalist Akshay Laxman — the guy who braved bullets for fun; he will be performing in the city at a charity event He wants to break several myths about mentalists and urges the society

09 Mar 2017

In a maestro’s mind

Always on a tour to different cities and countries to teach and perform, Aruna Sairam talks to CE  about the acid test, learning process and more

09 Mar 2017

20-plus Years of Service to Women’s Sexual Health

Ethnographer Sethulakshmi Johnson was one of the recipients of the Brew Women Awards 2017

08 Mar 2017

Do we have a better society for women?

While social workers and activists are happy about the changing role  of women in society today, they believe there’s more to be done,That’s why women who work on gender-related issues in the city

07 Mar 2017

20-plus years of service to women’s sexual health

Ethnographer Sethulakshmi Johnson was one of the recipients of the Brew Women Awards 2017 held recently

06 Mar 2017

Radha Ravi’s attempt to outwit rivals flops, draws ire of the differently-abled

The actor, who returned to DMK earlier this week, mocked MDMK general secretary Vaiko and PMK youth wing leader Anbumani Ramadoss MP, comparing them to differently-abled children.

05 Mar 2017

In the ‘Vaan’derful music world

Though she was raised away from a culture that’s immersed in music, Shashaa Tirupati is now one of the popular singers in K’town.

04 Mar 2017