Mukul Sharma

How to dope a rope

... and remain unscathed!

16 Mar 2017

So you want a hint?... or two!

Consider these two groups of 20 words each.

10 Mar 2017

Bullet on board ... To kill or not to kill!

Visualise a loaded pistol flying through space at 10,000 kmph with its butt end facing the direction of motion and barrel pointing backwards.

04 Mar 2017

Ball bearing gifts

Hey people can I make a small request? Don’t keep sending me the 12 balls problem to run. You know the one where one of them is either lighter or heavier and you have three weighings to figure it out

23 Feb 2017

Dark matters

Cosmology expert Stuart Clark pursues the greatest granddaddy of our universe’s sum total of unknowns.

18 Feb 2017

Knight watchman.... he’s got the moves!

Imagine a metal cube that has a 3x3 grid drawn on each face.

11 Feb 2017

On second thoughts... think till it hurts

No no no no no, not so fast. You think by pretending that among the three problems given one didn’t exist, isn’t going to cut any global warming from the Arctic.

04 Feb 2017

On the other hand... let’s juggle it right!

A bunch of pretty peeved people (you know who you are so I’m not naming alphanumerics) have been writing in from time to time that even though they give the correct answer and give it early enough,

28 Jan 2017

Sharper than cards ... and Houdini-like to boot!

Any idea why on Diwali I’m treated like a prurient pariah? Especially when the big dads of the their respective dens spread that old bed sheet on the carpet, arm themselves with pillows, small eats an

21 Jan 2017

Diaper rash dept.... and wiping the slate clean!

Happy New Year to you too people who wished in and even those who didn’t.

14 Jan 2017

Angle of attack ... to ward off the eulogy!

Let’s get those molars into a real toughie this time.

07 Jan 2017

Analytical Engines

Written in caps, a straight line passing through the middle cuts the words in two mirror images.

31 Dec 2016

Site for sore eyes  ... and godsend for laggards!

In the glorious tradition of this column’s constant teetering on the tripwire of correctly loopholed illegality, may I present a way out for laggards.

17 Dec 2016