Mohan Das Menon

China’s BRICS plus move has an accommodative Agenda for Pakistan

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s statement in Beijing on March 8 this year on the sidelines of a National People’s Congress session that the current forum for exchanges between Brazil, Russia, India

18 Mar 2017

Taking Trump’s silence for support, racists work to heighten hate crimes in US

Is President Donald Trump a cautious strategist in framing and execution of his policies, or whimsically inclined towards short-term tactical thrusts for temporal convenience? 

04 Mar 2017

India needs to reassess diplomatic exchanges with terror-funding and obstructionist China

Consonant with diplomatic principles, Delhi has formally issued a demarche yet again to Beijing for its sustained blocking of a combined move by the US, UK and France to proscribe an established Pakis

18 Feb 2017

RBI needs to limit open access of private borrowers to public sector banks

These are perhaps early days to declare heavily indebted Vijay Mallya innocent or guilty for alleged financial malpractices.

04 Feb 2017

First task that awaits Donald Trump is to restructure national intelligence director’s office

With the accession of Donald John Trump to US Presidency, there could now be paradigm shift in the focus of American intelligence that would engage world attention.

21 Jan 2017

India must fix asymmetrical trade ties with China to reclaim leverage on the Tibet issue

China’s national character pervasively reveals that obsessive national security granules take precedence over all else in dealing with the outside world

07 Jan 2017

Amma and her people had an inestimable synergy and compact that is worthy of emulation

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and DMK leaders helmed by M K Stalin himself.

17 Dec 2016

If Trump is tough, he must give assent to the US congress bill declaring Pak a terror state

Even in the most advanced democracy of the world, no democratic project runs the way people desire it to be run.

03 Dec 2016

As dragon breathes fire, india must counter campaigns to neutralise its security interests

The tone and tenor of statements emanating from Beijing prior to the BRICS meet in Goa underlined this mindset.

22 Oct 2016

India's strategic fulcrum should rise to occasion as China eyes an asian nuclear power bloc

Forces of history later led the Pakistan state crumbling under weak civilian leaderships, caving in to military autocracies mentored by Chiefs of Army Staff.

08 Oct 2016

Keep out politicians, involve genuine stakeholders to calm the troubled waters of Cauvery

From first indications, it appears that democratic methods to resolve inter-state differences were not effectively pursued.

25 Sep 2016

India can no more afford lacklustre approach towards the changing face of global terror

India can no more afford its lacklustre approach towards the changing face of global terror.

10 Sep 2016