Das Sreedharan

Choosing the green way 

Thinking aloud on how to attract the youth to ground realities, it’s a conceivable thought to reach out to them through food.

22 Jun 2017

The invaluable curry leaf

For every cook, spices and herbs are magical tools for creating wonders with their cooking.

04 Mar 2017

Need for better school meals

Once the heat waves were swept away to the east by the refreshing breeze, the sun looked down kindly on our glowing vegetable

04 Feb 2017

Brexit opens more street food

Tottenham Court Road runs across the heart of London’s Oxford Street; this one-way one-kilometre stretch was the hub of electronic retailers for decades.

14 Jan 2017

Veg vs non-veg diner war

Black Friday (November 25) never beheld so prominent like this year; probably we missed the usual signs on a festival spell, which attracts huge crowds.

14 Dec 2016

Spirituality of a wizard

It's extremely rare to meet people who leave eternal impression in your life.

19 Nov 2016

Ayurveda’s food for thought

Ayurveda recommends a balanced diet and natural flavours in food.

05 Nov 2016

The flow of love in food

We introduced story-telling in the kitchen and a small Q&A at the farm.

20 Aug 2016