Blessy Mathew Prasad

Rubber industry calling!

RSDC and Hindustan University’s new programme will provide youngsters the necessary skills to join the rubber industry, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

03 Mar 2017

The Godfather who became a VC

As Sahol Hamid takes over as the new Vice-Chancellor of BS Abdur Rahman University in Chennai, Blessy Mathew Prasad spends some time listening to his journey from being a Malay gangster to the first f

03 Mar 2017

Life lessons by shooting hoops

Shane Leander Roy is teaching kids life and leadership through basketball, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad.

26 Feb 2017

Designing smart spaces

The country’s best architects battled it out to create  space in motion. Blessy Mathew Prasad looks them up

24 Feb 2017

Putting every child on the same stage

These kids from Bengaluru are creating an environment of inclusivity through their plays, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

24 Feb 2017

The framer of weddings

This photographer from Chennai is giving couples something to remember forever, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

17 Feb 2017

‘DeMon looms large over budget’

....says former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, addressing a group of students in Chennai, to analyse the recent budget. Blessy Mathew Prasad turns in

10 Feb 2017

Research in the spotlight at IIT-M’s upcoming Biofest

Blessy Mathew Prasad gives a preview of what IIT-M’s technical festival, Biofest, will look like

04 Feb 2017

Light Infant-ry: He’s keeping jaundice away

Vivek Kopparthi’s device NeoLight is helping cure infants from jaundice without too much hassle, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

28 Jan 2017

Doctor fixit: the tome of the modern medico

The Apollo Hospitals Textbook of Medicine could be a life-saver, quite literally, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

28 Jan 2017

Verse that keeps the air around from getting worse

Blessy Mathew Prasad finds out how this unique technology could be a game-changer in air purification

20 Jan 2017

Transformers in the yard!

A group of young architecture students in Nagpur are rebuilding unused spaces in the city, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

13 Jan 2017

When science becomes child’s play

Funskool India is revolutionising the way kids learn the basics of science, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

06 Jan 2017

Changing the world, one debate at a time

Debate for Change is a platform developed by a XII grader where people can voice opinions, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

25 Dec 2016

10 things you didn’t know about this whistler

Inspired by diverse sounds around her, Swetha Suresh found her true calling in whistling, finds Blessy Mathew Prasad

18 Dec 2016