Bibek Debroy

The Nehruvian era of errors

'Blunders' is used in the book as a general term to include failures, wrong policies and bad decisions.

25 Feb 2017

Contrary to popular wisdom

For the Prime Minister, reforms are about changing the template of government and governance.

31 Dec 2016

Many faces of feroze Gandhi

This 32-chapter book reveals Feroze Gandhi’s journey as a Congress worker, freedom fighter, as Indira’s husband and Jawaharlal Nehru’s son-in-law.

24 Dec 2016

Chronicles of conflict in red zone

The author weaves the book with her experiences but doesn’t suggest public policy changes

05 Nov 2016

In pursuit of prosperity

Vijay Joshi’s book takes a long view of the Indian economy since the 1991 reforms

15 Oct 2016

The political diary of a Congress insider

Margaret Alva’s autobiography is for anyone interested in Indian politics but there are no candid personal details.

27 Aug 2016

India through the prism of advertisements

The author combines the evolution of ad campaigns with that of economy and society

20 Aug 2016