Avay Shukla

What will Modi do after massive win?

The prime minister should now focus on creating jobs and removing deadwood from the bureaucracy

12 Mar 2017

Why the aam aadmi is with Kejri

The AAP can be better understood if seen as part of the populist wave that has captured the US and is now sweeping across Europe.

10 Mar 2017

Judiciary has right aim, but wrong target

The SC order was a non-starter in a country where parties are founded on caste, regional and religious identities

27 Feb 2017

The joke over political funding

Reduction in the cash donation cap to political parties and introduction of electoral bonds are just smokescreens

07 Feb 2017

Lessons for the uniform civil code

Leap-frogging is a good game for children but dangerous when applied to cultural or social reform.

23 Jan 2017

Oddities of Audits

An insider’s take on audits starring money, samosas, peacocks and even bears

09 Jan 2017

Should the state fund elections?

By raking up the issue, political parties are shrewdly steering the narrative away from what actually needs to be done

01 Dec 2016

Little law and even less order

If our leaders repeatedly assault the law, we shall not survive long as a democracy

17 Nov 2016

It's no laughing matter

The Supreme Court has entertained a petition seeking ban on Sikh jokes

21 Oct 2016