Anirban Ganguly

Saffron watershed in UP marks the dawn of performance politics

The sweeping and stunning electoral verdict in Uttar Pradesh in favour of Narendra Modi-led BJP has marked a new watershed in the history of Indian politics.

18 Mar 2017

Congress’s reaction on ‘raincoat’ jibe exposes its disturbed state of mind

It was one of those rare days when one could clearly make out what Congress leader in Lok Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge, was saying.

18 Feb 2017

Spoilt children of politics rattled by PM Modi’s devotion for nation

In a political culture that is obsessed with dynastism and which has, over the years, developed a deeply entrenched habit of ensuring that political power and position benefit members of the leaders’

21 Jan 2017

Bhakt-intellectuals employed to raise the bogey of dictatorship

When genuflecting intellectuals with cleverly concealed dynastic loyalties write with a clear political objective of denigrating a particular personality.

17 Dec 2016

In remembrance of the Irish daughter of Mother India

he began her life of action and sacrifice with a rare directive and assurance of her Master.

22 Oct 2016

Raise the red flag against fascist forces of red brigade

A debate on fascism and authoritarianism, however, coming from a party that repeatedly indulges in violence is indeed rich

24 Sep 2016

Tiranga yatra historic response to forces of disintegration

The Tiranga Yatra is a resounding speed-breaker, a formidable barrier against those who wish to see India fragmented.

27 Aug 2016