Ajay Kanth

Intel agencies on tenterhooks after probe finds Qatar funding Kerala organisations

With Kerala turning a fertile ground for IS recruits, the intelligence agencies are under pressure to track the money trail from Qatar that weaved its way through the northen districts.

07 Jun 2017

Kerala firm keeps nuclear reactors in fission mode

Nuclear reactors and Kozhikode. What links could they possibly have? As hyped-up as the question may sound, the reality is an eye-opener.

19 Mar 2017

Tenfold rise in ganja seizures this year

Seems like Kerala is turning out to be the most favoured destination for ganja traffickers across the country.

17 Mar 2017

Kozhikode firm keeps Nucelar reactors across world in fission mode

Nuclear reactors and Kozhikode. What links could they possibly have? As hyped-up as the question may sound, given Kozhikode is little known for industrialisation, the reality is an eye-opener.

15 Mar 2017

End of innocence: The prevalence of child sexual abuse in Kerala

Women from womb to tomb are today hounded in God’s Own Country.

12 Mar 2017

The Richie Riches among Kerala cops 

From farmhouses to estates and apartments, IPS officers in Kerala own properties worth crores in prime locations.

09 Mar 2017

Hawala rears its ugly head again in Kerala

The police seized over Rs 1.5 crore in new Rs 2,000 notes at Perinthalmanna on February 6

06 Mar 2017

Sexual offenders' registry on lines of US, UK models

The Kerala government’s decision to set up a sexual offenders’ registry might have come as a big surprise for many. Considering it is a first-of-its-kind proposal in the country, the attention is just

26 Feb 2017

Cops to throw corrupt officers, touts through single window

1. Over 200 cases are filed every month with the Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal (MACT) in Kozhikode city alone.

18 Feb 2017

Can CM Pinarayi take peace initiative the full distance?

CM Pinarayi’s  peace meeting will end up as a futile exercise if the parties fail to reign in their rampageous ground-level workers.

15 Feb 2017

Refugees masquerade as migrants for IS power play

An intelligence report has revealed chilling home truths about the growing tentacles of IS among the migrant population in Kerala.

11 Feb 2017

In vacuum, Malayalees seek nirvana and more

‘The little blue pill’ has done wonders to many with erectile dysfunction. But an overdose has also proven fatal.

06 Feb 2017

Kerala becomes drugland as youth fall prey to psychotropic drugs

Latest data points out that the quantity of manufactured psychotropic drugs circulated in Kerala is twice more than ganja, hashish and heroin.

03 Feb 2017

Fund flow from abroad: Salafist outfits under radar

After putting various Non Government Organisations (NGOs) under scanner for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) violations, the enforcement agencies are now after a few Salafist organisations i

20 Jan 2017

It’s not an escape route but a gold-gilded trap

If you have taken the gold route to invest unaccounted money post demonetisation, then you are likely to land in big trouble.

16 Jan 2017